Ready to ride with Freddy and support him with a targeted sponsorship package that you’ll develop together? What are the benefits of such a package to you? 

  • Big Wave Surfing is currently experiencing great media interest. Everyone is compelled by the spectacular images of surfers braving monster waves. 
  • With Freddy Olander, you have the exclusive opportunity of promoting one of the only successful big wave surfers in Germany and a charismatic personality at the same time.
  • Skilful positioning of your brand on Freddy’s equipment will provide your company with high visibility during his travels around the world. 
  • Freddy supplies you with professional communication material in the form of pictures and videos that you can integrate into your social media. In addition, Freddy himself has a large fan base and continuously posts updates on his trips on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and his own website.

If you are interested in sponsoring Freddy or to receive a “presentation” for more details, just write an email to: